What we do

We provide consultancy services to help the UN, governments, maritime companies, and sectoral initiatives pursue actions towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and marine environment sustainability in ways that promote decent work opportunities for seafarers, and improve gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

We work with clients accross the following maritime industries: cruise, fishing, ports, offshore renewables, and shipping.

We focus

Our focus
We work on dimensions of sustainability
important for the future of the maritime industry,
with a particular attention on how they interact:

  • Marine environment
  • Gender, diversity & inclusion
  • Ocean & governance

We bring

Our expertise
Across these dimensions, our expertise help promote
and embed essential practices to advance
sustainability efforts effectively :

  • Embracing complexity and uncertainty
  • Working with systems to drive change
  • Co-creating with multiple stakeholders
  • Cultivating and leveraging transparency
  • Leading and managing inclusively
  • Seizing strategic synergies across SDGs
We seek

Our interventions
Our consultancy intrerventions typically involve:

  • Resarch and analysis
  • Capacity development
  • Technical advice
  • Strategy development

Our approach diagram

Integrated strategies

We apply our expertise to help diverse actors accross maritime industries meet growing regulations and demands for sustainability, and in doing so explore new opportunities for long-term growth.

We help individual companies shape integrated strategies and programmes that connect important dimensions of sustainability for the maritime sector : social ( gender, diversity, inclusion at sea), environmental (unsustainable fishing, marine pollution) and governance (operating in weak goverance zone).

We support image

Marine environment

We help individual companies and industry initiatives design and facilitate multi-stakeholder processes, promote south-south knowledge exchange, and prepare capacity development programmes that support the implementation of governance instruments covering the prevention of unsustainable fishing and ocean pollution by ships.


Gender, diversity & inclusion

We help crew management teams and maritime educational institutions shape a more inclusive culture aboard ship that will make careers at sea more attractive and the retention and development of skilled seafarers and officers easier. We use our expertise to work on strengthening administrative and human resources management processes and practices.


Ocean & governance

We work with UN organisations, member states and research institutions towards the strengthening of international standards and national governance systems concerning climate, marine environment, and seafarers. We bring our expertise to research underlying issues, support inter-agency coordination, facilitate multi-stakeholder collaboration, promote knowledge exchange and design learning programmes.