Our business approach

We focus

We focus
on specific aspects of maritime ESG, crew management, and
ocean governance and their complex interaction.

We bring

We bring
outside perspectives, technical expertise, a systems approach, and
innovative methods to understand and work with complexity.

We seek

We value
diversity, openness, transparency, participation, action
learning, collaboration and mindfulness in conducting our work.

Our approach diagram

Corporate sustainability

We help companies in shipping, cruising, ports, fishing, yachting, and workboat industries improve their ESG performance and meet growing regulations and demands for sustainability in ways that create new opportunities for long-term growth.

We support image

Crew management

In support of more inclusive cultures aboard ship and more attractive careers for seafarers, we help ship management companies and maritime educational institutions embed modern leadership/management thinking and responsible ESG practices in crew management and crew training processes.


Ocean governance

We work with UN organisations, member states, business, and civil society to support processes of cooperation and integration between governance frameworks and initiatives for the maritime sector.

Our services include researching underlying issues, providing technical support for inter-agency coordination, facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration, promoting knowledge exchange and designing training programmes.